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Introducing: Stomp Guard

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

*Important note: STOMP GUARD is a trademarked product created by KS Surfacing* Got a horse with a bad habit you just can't get them to shake? Hoof Grip has the solution.

We are very proud and excited to have teamed up with KS Surfacing to introduce the latest and great innovation in livestock trailer flooring - STOMP GUARD.

Especially developed and trademarked by KS Surfacing to protect your Hoof Grip floor from those horses that are impatient or unruly in the trailer, Stomp Guard is an application of Hoof Grip's Super Duty sealant that is applied in a two foot area where your horse paws. Color matched to your Hoof Grip floor, this increases the longevity of your trailer life and eliminates the possibility of your horse shifting or ruining regular trailer mats. 

Why Hoof Grip? Let us remind you!

Hoof Grip provides you with a safe, slip resistant and maintenance free trailer floor. With incredible shock absorption properties, your horses have a more comfortable ride physically. Hoof Grip eliminates the need for shavings. No messy cleanup, no added cost and a healthier respiratory system for your equine athlete. Plus don't sweat about shifting trailer mats or having the clean the darn things! Hoof Grip is a no brainer, and with the added benefit of the all new STOMP GUARD, everyone is going to want to catch a ride with you! 

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