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Hoof Grip | Helping Your Horse!

Attention horse owners! The days of heavy, awkward, smelly trailer mats are over! Say hello to the latest and greatest flooring on the market - Hoof Grip.

Created by livestock owners who understand livestock needs, Hoof Grip Flooring is a custom-colored, poured and troweled flooring product that installs over specially primed metal, wood, asphalt or concrete subsurface to create a super-bond, allowing for either a tough, flow-through porous trailer floor, or a non porous floor that is perfect for indoor or outdoor wash racks,stalls, walkways, aisle ways, dog kennels and so much more. Made from recycled tires and a special urethane formula that does not crack and stands up to extreme heat, snow, ice and rain, Hoof Grip creates a safe, slip resistant surface that is maintenance free.

This beautiful flooring is not just a pretty face! Hoof Grip offers amazing health benefits for your horses.

1. Shock absorption! How many hours a year do your horses spend in the trailer? If you're anything like us, that is a very LARGE number to have to calculate. Typically, we are also hauling horses following strenuous activity which can mean sore joints and muscles. Hoof Grip is installed at 3/4" thick, over top of your original trailer flooring. The type of rubber that our flooring is composed of offers 50 times more shock absorption than a conventional trailer mat, which means your horse is going to be 50 times more comfortable! Whether your hauling to and from rodeos, a show or just around town, why not make your horses feel physically better when they get off the trailer? 2. Eliminate shavings! The type of Hoof Grip installed in horse trailers is porous, which means it allows water and urine to flow right through. No need for expensive, dusty shavings to soak up the moisture! No shavings means a bit less stress on your pocket book, and your horses lungs. Eliminating the need for shavings in the trailer will have a greatly positive impact on your horses respiratory system. Bleeders and COPD horse owners! You need Hoof Grip! 3. Slip resistant! That's right, a Hoof Grip custom poured floor means your mats aren't shifting and moving around during your trip, meaning less opportunity for horses to slip and trip. We know that we always put our horses safety first, and a trailer ride shouldn't be any exception. Provide your horses with a comfortable, dust-free, safety-first hauling experience with Hoof Grip Livestock flooring. The proof is proven! It just makes sense.

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