What is Hoof Grip?

The Details

Hoof Grip Flooring is a custom-colored, poured and troweled flooring product that installs over specially primed metal, wood, asphalt or concrete subsurface to create a super-bond, allowing for either a tough, flow-through porous trailer floor, or a non porous floor that is perfect for indoor or outdoor wash racks,stalls, walkways, aisle ways, dog kennels and so much more.

The Product

Hoof Grip Flooring is made from recycled tires and a special urethane formula that does not crack and stands up to extreme heat, snow, ice and rain. Creating a safe slip resistant surface that is maintenance free.

The Results

Hoof Grip Flooring easily withstands tough weather conditions; The heat of Arizona summers and cold of Northern winters. No ice buildup, no slipping, no cracking, no sogginess, making it horse, pet and people friendly, the safest flooring available.

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