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Hoof Grip Livestock Flooring

Hoof Grip Livestock Flooring was developed by livestock owners who understand livestock needs. Even though Hoof Grip was developed for the use in livestock applications, Hoof Grip is able to be installed on pool decks, driveways, walkways. With a large dealer network, Hoof Grip is available throughout the United States and Canada.

Enjoy the benefits of Hoof Grip


Hoof Grip is made from a proprietary blend of recycled crumb rubber that is colored and mixed with binder. Then poured in place and hand finished to a desired thickness. 

When Hoof Grip is installed in a livestock or residential application, both will enjoy the benefits of a slip resistant surface that is ecstatically pleasing.

Slip Resistant
Adding Hoof Grip will help to create a slip resistant surface
Shock Absorbing
Hoof Grip is 50 times more shock absorbing than conventional mats
3 year Warranty
Warranty to cover manufacturer defects on product
Easy Maintenance
No more mats need to be moved to clean. Just use a garden hose to hose off

Get in touch with us!

Contact us to find out where to find the closest Hoof Grip installer. If you have questions about Hoof Grip or want to become a certified dealer please email

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