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Welcome to Hoof Grip

Established in 2010, we are a family owned and operated business in the manufacturing and application of crumb rubber flooring. With the most durable, tested products on the market, we provide integrity, technology and commitment in the products we make and to the customers we serve.


As livestock owners, we understand livestock needs.

Hoof Grip Product and Applications

Livestock Flooring
Pool Decks
Stomp Guard
Photo 2019-04-03, 10 34 54 AM.jpg
Horse Trailers
Residential Flooring
Veterinary Suites
Dog Kennels

Corky Irions

Dynamite Horsemans Supply, AZ

“Hoof Grip is in my 3 store trailers, horse trailers and barn walkways. It’s quiet, easy to clean and safe for customers to walk on, no matter the weather. My horses ride calm and are ready to work as soon as we get to the roping. Their competitors can’t come close to Hoof Grip quality flooring.”


Katie Imler

Coulee Equine, AB

“I have been using Hoof Grip Flooring in our equine facility for awhile now and are more than happy with the flooring! The horses have traction and cushion. The sealed flooring is also great to wash, clean and disinfect. Colter and Jan are very easy to deal with and worked within our schedule to minimize downtime. I highly recommend this flooring to anyone who has a trailer, barn or building!"


Cole Harvie

Harvie Ranching, AB

“Used my trailer with Hoof Grip to haul cows for the past 2 days. Cows loaded so much easier, way less noise and did not slip when being loaded."

Get in touch with us!

Contact us to find out where to find the closest Hoof Grip installer. If you have questions about Hoof Grip or want to become a certified dealer please email

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